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BIHE - Azerbaijan leader of the region in the world health ranking

Azerbaijan leader of the region in the world health ranking


Azerbaijan ranked 75th in the world rankings of medical indicators for sustainable development, compiled by the authoritative journal The Lancet.

According to Report, the ranking of countries on indicators of sustainable development related to medicine, life and health, was drawn up on the basis of a total score on 33 indicators, each of which is calculated on a scale from 0 (worst result) to 100.

Azerbaijan is located in the 75th place with an average of 63 out of a possible 100, ahead of all other countries in the region. So, Russia has taken in the ranking the 119th place, Turkey – 103rd, Iran-104th, Georgia – 106th, Armenia – 86th. 

Among the criteria were taken into account in drawing up the rating - child and infant mortality, deaths in road traffic accidents, obesity in children, the level of consumption of alcohol and tobacco use, HIV incidence, tuberculosis and hepatitis B, a number of suicides. The calculation was carried out for each criterion based on the analysis of situation from 1990 to 2015.

Leader in the ranking is Iceland. The top five also includes Singapore, Sweden, Andorra and the United Kingdom. Last, 188th place belongs to the Central African Republic. 


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