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BIHE - Azerbaijan electronizes pharmacies, hospitals

Azerbaijan electronizes pharmacies, hospitals


Pharmacies and hospitals have been electronized in Azerbaijan, Arzu Mirzayev, deputy head of Information Policy Department of the Health Ministry, told APA on Wednesday.

He noted that this system is applied in Baku’s all pharmacies, provided with free medicines to privileged patients, APA reports.

According to him, all privileged patients are registered and the recipes and medicines they are given are controlled.  

There are 24 such pharmacies, he added.  

“The privileged patients registered in polyclinics can buy medicines free from those pharmacies. These works are gradually implemented in districts”, he said.

The ministry official stressed that electronization of hospitals are carried out partially.

He added that in-patients are registered in hospitals when they are admitted, and preliminary data about them, their complaints, examinations, medicines they are given and diagnoses are recorded.


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