24th Azerbaijan International Healthcare Exhibition

5 - 7 November 2019 • Baku Expo Center

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BIHE - Meet Pascorbin from Germany!

Meet Pascorbin from Germany!


Ulviya Salimova, Official Representative of Pascorbin

– Planeta is well-known in Azerbaijan and has been operating here since 1998. We have repeatedly participated in previous exhibitions and presented topical medications that are natural and effective. 

Today we represent Pascorbin (Germany) at this exhibition. The original composition of the drug contains natural vitamin C. Planeta is the official representative of Pascorbin in Azerbaijan. 

As is well known, vitamin C is widely used in medicine, but this vitamin has its own peculiarities; a high dose of this drug has no analogues in Azerbaijan and is used only intravenously. Our goal in participating at this exhibition is to tell both business partners and visitors about the quality of Pascorbina and its application in the effective treatment of many diseases. In particular it is very effective in the treatment of oncologic diseases; according to the results of its application, we can now say that this drug has the ability to maintain the life abilities of the patient and, most importantly, eliminates the negative impact of chemotherapy. This has been evidenced by numerous cases over the years. 


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